Urban Projection Mapping

Lecture and workshop about Projection Mapping in public space

This video documentary showcases the final presentation of our master students from the course Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design at FH Joanneum Graz.

Over the course of several weeks we supported the students in creating playful animations for facade projections. We started off with the search for interesting locations and evaluated them in terms of technical feasibility and legal regulations. After selecting the proper locations it was time to create optimized photographs of the surfaces which were used as templates during the animation process. The next step was to develop creative concepts and storylines which were discussed and evaluated in class. As the course participants are majoring in sound, interaction and media design we tried to set up mixed teams who came up with very diverse concepts. One group even built a big red touch button which should encourage passersby to interact with the audiovisual installation.

After all the contents and interactive applications were finished we took the projects to the streets using the „Mobile Mapper“, a customized electronic cargo bike which houses and powers a projector, laptop and speakers.

Since time was very limited it was important to be able to map the different surfaces quickly, so we relied on Garagecube’s Madmapper. The „Mobile Mapper“ is a project of ARGE Maplab. Many thanks to all our motivated students, FH Joanneum IDK and ARGE Maplab for contributing to the project.


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