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Lecture and workshop about Spatial Augmented Reality

banner_forum_alpbachWe were invited to give a workshop and lecture with participants of Junior Alpbach – Science and Technology for Young People. Our aim was to involve the juveniles as much as possible into the creation of a projection mapping installation. Therefore we gave them a brief introduction into the topic and tried to encourage them to develop content ideas for the stage setup we prepared.

StageThe stage setup.

overheadAttila showing the principles of perspective and projection via an overhead projector.
 Afterwards students had the possibility to create content by drawing sketches and we developed a photo montage for the final presentation.

final_presentation_sweetspotPhoto collage of the workshop participants as part of the final mapping presentation viewed from the sweet spot.

final_presentation_anamorphSide view of the installation which shows the anamorphic projection.

MITThe day after our workshop we had the chance to experience some panel discussions and presentations of the Technology Symposium including the MIT Media Lab. As a final roundup of our trip to Alpbach we enjoyed the wonderful alpine world before traveling back to Graz.


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